Nate Schornak, LMHCA

Nate has a passion for working with veterans and their families as they navigate life during and after their time in service. Nate recognizes that many military veterans need further access to mental health services which inspired him to join the field of mental health counseling.

Nate hopes to help people of all ages and backgrounds to work through their past traumas, feelings of depression and anxiety, and all the other stressors that we encounter every single day, so that they may go on to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Nate has an affinity for existential counseling, person centered therapy, as well as narrative therapy in his work with others.  Nate believes that regardless of the form or theory of therapy that takes place that just having someone to talk to is helpful and can lead to meaningful changes in a person’s life.  It is his belief that genuine connection, trust, and the ability to truly be seen by another person are the bedrocks of positive change and a more meaningful future.

Nate is a Washington native and has lived in Ellensburg for 7 years. He served as a medic in the US army from 2009-2013 and since then has returned to school in order to become a therapist.  Nate graduated with his Masters in mental health counseling from Central Washington University in 2023 and looks forward to serving the Ellensburg community.