Jeanette Rendina, PsyD

As we journey through life, there are times when we need a little help.

Since 2017, Jeanette Rendina has worked as a licensed clinical psychologist with individuals and couples in Kittitas County. She is experienced with people facing trauma, mood disorders, anxiety, chronic illnesses, relational issues (poly & non-poly), LGBTQIA+ issues, Veteran issues, neurodivergence, identity, culture, discrimination, grief and loss, and life transitions. Additionally, Jeanette has a passion and specialized knowledge of working with menstrual health. She is experienced in supporting cycle wellness, PMS, PMDD, PME, and conditions affecting the reproductive system. Further, as Jeanette is passionate about reproductive health, she also works with the needs of people thinking about conceiving and struggles from conception to postpartum.

Jeanette completed her doctorate at California Lutheran University.